I’m Mike, proud owner of Limirk Designz !

Areas of Expertise

Turning hobby into passion and more...
I went to school to become an interior designer and it was there that I discovered the magnificence of Graphic Design,

About 25 years ago I started editing images for some friends and family and came to realize that i thoroughly enjoyed doing this and it turned into a passion of mine. As the years progressed, I started learning more and more skills to take my work to the next level. 
Every day i am on a mission to keep improving and to keep exceeding the expectations set by customers .
Over the years I have done projects and designs for customers allover the globe !

My goal with every project is to make sure my customers get a product that exceeds their expectations !

We do not like to limit ourselves when it comes to graphic designs:
we do logos, websites, business card designs, ...

If you have a question, do not hesitate to reach out to us !!!

  • Logos
  • Letter heads
  • Illustrations
  • Business cards
  • web sites
  • Printed Merchandising
  • Diploma design 
  • ...